Bt studio 1100 twin manual

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BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone

I bought a new ADSL microfilter in case that was broken.

BT Graphite 2100 <em>Twin</em> DECT Dital Cordless

No dial tone on any BT handsets. - BTCare

Dialtone and incoming and outgoing s are possible.

BT Graphite 2100 Twin DECT Dital Cordless

We cannot get a dial tone on any of our handsets (BT Freelance XD5500's) We borrowed a friends BT Studio 1100 and have the same problem. All indications on handsets seem ok, fully charged and registered with base station.

Bt studio 1100 twin manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates