Color guard drill team manual

The Honor Guard Manual John Marshall 9781300288923 Amazon.

Whether your honor guard team is military, law enforcement, firefhter, emergency medical, forest service, veteran or fraternal organization, this manual is a must-have!

Honor Guard Home

Party, Color Team (Color Guard), 2- and 6-Man Flag Fold, Cordon procedures, Sword Manual, Rifle Manual, Flagstaff Manual and the only nationally published Manual of the Firefhter's Ceremonial Fire Axe and Ceremonial Pike Pole.

The Honor <i>Guard</i> <i>Manual</i> John Marshall 9781300288923 Amazon.

Th Brade Drill SOP - 4th Brade JROTC

Ideal for ROTC, JROTC and all cadet program instructors and coaches!

The DrillMaster

Train your unit using the sound drill and ceremony principles of the American military, specifiy enhanced by The Drill Master for competitive teams. concise and explanatory tool that fits in your cargo pocket.

Color guard drill team manual:

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