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Like the 5.3L LS motor, the 4.6L two-valve was Ford’s official workhorse, offered in everything from trucks to Mustangs, and it started life way back in 1991 in the Lincoln Town Car.

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Ford eventually stepped up the performance of the two-valve when it introduced the Power Improved (PI) version in 1999, but a gain of 35 hp in 12 years could hardly be considered revolutionary, especially when GM was offering 5.7L combinations with nearly 100 more horsepower.

HP 4.6L 2V Motor For ,298 - Hot Rod Network

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Our thought process was simpleif budget boost works for a Chevy, as we showed last month in the story 594 Horsepower For $3,252, then why not a late-model Ford?

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But don’t count out the two-valve, as the modular Ford still scores well on both price and availability.

Free hp 616a manual:

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