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Mystery 30a Speed Controller Esc Manual

Hi guys, I FINALLY got to fly my belt cp today due to being down for over a week. My Esky 2200ma H normally made this thing pretty scary. So it's like I'm flying now with nearly dead battery packs or as if my throttle curve is all messed up. In the instuctions for the hobbywing esc it says to move throttle all the way up, plug in battery, wait for 2 beeps, move stick all the way down and it's done.

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So are the aftermarket Hobbywing Pentium 30A ESC's really not meant for the stock Esky radios? With my 2200mah battery I was NEVER able to fly full throttle in forward flht. If anyone else has any input on this, please feel free to jump in. This sounds exactly like what is happening to you!! Also, yes I do have that hobbywing programmer and it's VERY nice and handy. As a matter of fact, I always unplug and plug back in to see if my changes saved. I also don't use the brake or governor features either. Didn't notice a single change when going from 0 to midstick throttle. I changed it from Soft to Super Soft and yet again, I didn't notice any change to the behavior of how it spools up.

Hobbywing pentium 30a esc manual:

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