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Not so long ago, the b debate after settling on what you wanted for your next car was to decide whether you wanted a manual or an automatic.

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Drivers in Australia have traditionally opted for manual transmissions, whether it was to save money (automatics are still an option on new cars that may add thousands on to your final invoice) or because of the efficiency that manuals often brought over older automatics.

St Thousand UK Ford <i>Mustang</i> Buyers Prefer the V8, <i>Manual</i>.

St Thousand UK Ford Mustang Buyers Prefer the V8, Manual.

Traditionally, manuals were also the cheaper option as well, because they used to cost less to build, and didn’t require complicated engineering like an automatic transmission.

Ford Mustang GT Fastback manual review road test video.

Whether you want your car to be sporty or practical, something to show off or just to get you from A to B – your car is a personal choice.

Mustang automatic or manual:

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