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I ordered an entire axle from Cardone for $88.00 CDN… With axle in hand, I decided to photograph the procedure and share with the Forum. At this point, if you don't have an impact wrench, then the first thing to do is pop the wheel center out and using a 30mm socket on a long handled wrench, remove the axle nut.

Pontiac Fiero Questions - can i swap the automatic

There were a lot more pressing safety issues with the car than driving it around to see if the axles were worn!

<em>Pontiac</em> <em>Fiero</em> Questions - can i swap the automatic

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As some of you know, I did a ground-up resto on an ’86 fastback two years ago.

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I bought the car, drove it home five minutes away, and that was the extent of my driving experience with this particular car before I dismantled it.

Pontiac fiero manual transmission:

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