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But in reality a large portion of testing activities is still manual, i.e., someone clicking through the UI, entering values, hitting buttons and comparing on-screen results with an Excel sheet.

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Such test suites evolve and grow over time and are reused with every new release of the software. As maintaining them is a long-time effort, they face many of the same challenges we encounter with source code: They are read, interpreted and edited by many different people with different backgrounds and they need to be modified frequently to reflect changes in the application. First, you need transparency about the location of the problems, then you need effective ways to improve.

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Additionally, unlike source code, the people writing the tests are often not the same as those reading and interpreting them. Static analysis can help with the first part, as certain problems can be detected programmatiy.

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When you say »software test«, most people will immediately have a mental picture of automated unit tests, continuous integration, fancy mutation testing tools etc.

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