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Early developments in this field emerged largely in North America during the effort to control invasive sea lamprey in the Great Lakes region of North America, but recent sampling developments have been in a context of lamprey conservation (Moser ‘ by Gardiner R (2003).


We also undertake River Habitat Survey (RHS) following the ‘River Habitat Survey in Britain and Ireland Field Survey Guidance Manual’ published by the Environment Agency (2003).

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It is noted that we formerly placed a fine mesh on our anodes to capture lampreys; with an assistant also with a dip net. Although we have never had issues with this and exercised due care to avoid full electronarcosis of captured lampreys, we no longer use mesh on electrodes as a precautionary approach and to aln ourselves with current international best practice.

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Most protocols developed for juvenile lamprey surveys are based on ammocoete surveys.

River habitat survey manual:

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