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Sony Ericsson V630 - Full phone

I did have a Samsung galaxy S I switched back to this since I love it!

Ericsson / Sony-Ericsson K610, V630

I remeber we were leaving and I was so depressed when I couldn't find a good enough phone for my budget then I stumbled on to this phone at the last shop the EXACT amount of my budget and we just clicked. it fell in the toilet and a pot of oil and still worked lol... Also the connection/charging portal seems to be worn after all these years and makes it a bit tricky to charge at times.

<strong>Ericsson</strong> / <strong>Sony</strong>-<strong>Ericsson</strong> K610, <strong>V630</strong>


Maybe after this phone I will buy the K800i :-) Aww man, I remember my parents gave me a budget at the mall and i couldn't afford a W810. its still functioning well, the only thing is that the battery life is decreasing, but i replaced the battery it stil be amazing.

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This Service Manual can help you repair, recover, restore, fix your Ericsson / Sony-Ericsson K610, V630 Mobile Phone.

Sony ericsson v630 manual:

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