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Palm Pixi Plus Verizon Wireless Review & Rating

All the while snificantly improving its SDK (with the new native Plug-in Development Kit) and app distribution model.

Palm Pixi P120 - 8GB - Black Sprint Smartphone

It's been about a year since Palm pulled itself back from the brink of imminent destruction with the announcement of web OS and the Palm Pre, and even less time since the products announced actually hit the market.

<strong>Palm</strong> <strong>Pixi</strong> Plus Verizon Wireless Review & Rating

Add Wi-Fi to the Sprint Palm Pixi - Lifehacker

In that time span, the company has issued another handset (the small, less powerful Pixi), released a number of over-the-air updates to its OS (nine in all), and created and disseminated a slew of developer tools, including iterative releases of its SDK and a new web-based development environment ed Ares.

Palm Pixi / Pixi Plus CDMA Specs, Features Phone

Now -- almost a year to the day -- Palm has turned around and opened its devices up to the country's largest carrier, in addition to bumping the specs and features of both phones it offers (the Pre getting an additional 8GB of storage and double the RAM, the Pixi is now equipped with Wi Fi).

Sprint palm pixi user manual:

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