Us army technical manual 30-210

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Which book is "best" depends on what you want to know. Intended as a snificant reference book built on the work of Harrison (above).

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Given the breadth, depth and volume of information regarding the U. .30 Caliber Carbines some authors know some things, others know other things, none know all things. The greater the detail a book covers the more likely there will be a number of mistakes.

U. S. Carbines in Germany and Austria - Bavarian M1 Carbines

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Before relying on the information in this book you may wish to read to read the Book Review Here. This book has set the standard most use for identifying part variations.

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Heavily illustrated with photographs but part markings shown in this book have been the subject of criticism from experienced collectors who have questioned the authenticity of many of the markings depicted.

Us army technical manual 30-210:

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