Videonics mx pro 3000 manual

Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom.

Edit: please tell me if I am asking the impossible! In order of quality imo, are all pretty popular video mixers. Panasonic wj-ave5 has no chromakey, but the other WJ-MX's in the panasonic lineup are pretty nice.

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But the problem is we can't keep borrowing the V4, particularly as we have some gs lined up at festivals and clubs.

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Hello you crazy intellent people Me and my partner are working on an audio visual project using analog synths and homemade or hacked hardware. At the moment amongst some other bits and bobs, we are using 3 video mixers, one we built, one ancient battered mx10 that we got for pennies and one that we borrow from the university I work at, an Edirol V4.

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Are there any other models people would recommend, or any other ways to get mirrored or multi image effects?

Videonics mx pro 3000 manual:

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