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says that it is 3.5", seems a tad large for the stock IHI?

Door skin removal and door handle

I found this today after hearing rumors of CTS turbo coming out with a turboback.

Door skin removal and door handle

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The IHI is a much different turbo than what we're used to seeing. VDUB 2:0 The path of 2.0T is beset on all sides by the injustice of the speed trap and the Plague of the Prius drivers.

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CTS Turbo is a really solid brand, so this is awesome news for us stateside. as clarified by HGMotorsports in the emails i exchange with them; the Bull-x Downpipe is: 3.5" from turbo outlet to cat and 3" from cat to end.

Vw golf mk6 maintenance manual:

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