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Thanks in advance, -- j Lock bolt back, remove forend and barrel, release bolt while holding handle (don't let it slam shut) and ease it forward while working out the floating chamber (tapered lookin piece out the front of the receiver). Remove pad, in the center of the tube holding the stock on you will see a wire clip locking the aluminum buffer plug, remove the clip and unscrew the plug, careful though it has spring pressure on it.

Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge Owner's Manual

Hence my question: Does anybody have any pointers, advice, or instructions on how to disassemble and clean a Model 50?

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Remove the plug and spring-----now, there is a hole on the left side of the receiver, line the pin holding the inertia rod/bolt/bolt handle up with that hole and push the pin thru.

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Even an RTFM response is very welcome, if you could point me to the manual...

Winchester model 50 shotgun owners manual:

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