2000 bmw 323i manual transmission problems

The 99 VW Cabrio has plenty of transmission problems. Image.

MY car suddenly would not reverse when I put it in reverse.

Rebuilt Manual Transmissions BMW Series 318i, 318iC, 318iS.

After a few days of this happening even the power on the side mirror has gone and moving it to reverse does not trger the mirror tilting down. The other complaint some mentioned was the Solenoid.

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With the cost being as much or more than the cost of the car I did not find it worthwhile. Also, from what I heard have read on same models, this issue tends to be common.

BMW 2000 3 series - Reverse has stopped working suddenly.

What was interesting is that there is no weird noises, even the passenger rear mirror moving when we put the shiftier in reverse but the car would not reverse.

2000 bmw 323i manual transmission problems:

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