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(over 1 pint) - Black (No ugly colors) - User manual is reasonably clear and helpful CONs: * Expensive * Limited life - No replacement batteries available- - - Dimensions - - -Charging stand: 9.0" x 6.7" x 0.7"Vac: Irregular. It is necessary to leave the FHV1200 plugged in for 12 hours before the indicator lht reveals fully charged in stark contrast to this models less than 3 hour time frame before it is maxed out.

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Reason 2: The "on-board hose" desn is super useful. (crevice, pet-hair, flip-out brush) (see Note 2) - Charging stand: Handy - Li-Ion battery: Partial-charge friendly - Constant suction strength as battery runs down - Hose: Good quality (see Note 3) - Lhtweht: 3.8 lbs with nozzle - Good ergonomics - Good quality plastics - Filter cleaning knob - Dirt in chamber is visible but not staring you down - Washable filter (see Note 4) - 3 year warranty OKs: * Noise: OK. About 75d B, comparable to the B&D PHV1810 * Suction: Adequate, but it's about 26% to 37% less than B&D PHV1810. I tested once with no load, and again with nozzle against carpet . This hose is like a combination of rubber and plastic. Some people mht be a little suprised with the 2X more expensive model offering no advantage with peak performance suction.

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PROs: * Hose gives access to tht spaces - in car, for example * 18 minutes run time per charge (see Note 1) - Tools: Nice! handy for quick clean-ups.- - - Notes - - -Note 1: Run Time - 18.3 minutes. (Test had rest periods every 5 minutes.) B&D says run time may improve after 5 charge cycles. Note 2: Tools - (crevice, pet-hair, main tool with flip-out brush) Well desned. Not like the horrible cheap polyethylene hoses on some vacs. Replacements (PVF110) are about $8-10 but I've never had to replace B&D filters. In usage I could not distinguish either having superior suction over the other.

Black & Decker PHV1800CB Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

If $100 is out of the question, consider the FHV1200 (sometimes below $55) which has a few more Air-Watts of sucking power (25 vs 22), but a cheaper Ni Cad battery. Flip-out brush on the main tool is good for dust, not for scrubbing. Note 3: Hose - It's very lht, but it feels like quality. Oddly, the rated air wattage of the 20V (18V) lithium is slhtly less than that of the 12V Ni Cd.

Black and decker phv1800 user manual:

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