Canon imagerunner c5180 manual


The Post Script is produced by a cups-filters filtering chain and pstoufr2cpca renders it into a form suitable to be sent to the printer.

PrinterDriver/Canon/UFR-II - Debian

LBP6650/3470, LBP6670 UFR II, LBP7660C UFR II, i R1018/1022/1023, i R1020/1024/1025, i R1730/1740/1750, i R2002/2202, i R2016, i R2018, i R2020, i R2022/2025/2030, i R2318/2320, i R2420, i R2422, i R 2520, i R 2525/2530, i R 2535/2545 UFRII LT, i RC1021/1022, i RC1028/1030, L90/L160/L230, L100/L150/L170, L190/L410 Series, LC600 Series, LC800 Series, D400-450, D460-490, D500 Series, D530/D560, D1100/MF6600, D1300/MF6700, MF3010, MF4100 Series, MF4200 Series, MF4200 Series, MF4320-4350, MF4360-4390, MF4400 Series, MF4500 Series, MF4500w Series, MF4600 Series, MF4700 Series, MF4800 Series, MF5800 Series, MF5900 Series, MF6100 Series, MF6500 Series, MF7200 Series, MF7400 Serie, MF8000 Series, MF8000C Series, MF8200C Series, MF8300 Series, MF8300C Series, MF8400 Series, MF8500C Series, MF9100 Series, MF9200 Series i PR C1PLUS, i PR C1, i PR C600, i PR C700/800, i R105PLUSII, i R1133II, i R1435II, i R2230, i R2270/i R2870, i R2830, i R3025, i R3030, i R3035/i R3045, i R 3180C, i R3225, i R3230, i R3235/i R3245, i R3530, i R3570/i R4570, i R4530, i R5055/i R5065, i R5075, i R5570/i R6570, i R 5880C/6880C, i R7086-7105, i R8070, i R85PLUS, i R9070, i R-ADV 400/500, i R-ADV 4025/4035, i R-ADV 4045/4051, i R-ADV 4225/4235, i R-ADV 4245/4251, i R-ADV 6055/6065, i R-ADV 6075, i R-ADV 6255/6265, i R-ADV 6275, i R-ADV 6555/6565, i R-ADV 6575, i R-ADV 8085/8095, i R-ADV 8105, i R-ADV 8205, i R-ADV 8285/8295, i R-ADV 8505, i R-ADV 8585/8595, i R-ADV C2020/2030, i R-ADV C2020i/2030i, i R-ADV C2020L/2030L, i R-ADV C2025, i R-ADV C2220/2230, i R-ADV C2225, i R-ADV C250/350, i R-ADV C3320L, i R-ADV C3320, i R-ADV C3325/3330, i R-ADV C351, i R-ADV C5030/5035, i R-ADV C5045/5051, i R-ADV C5235/5240, i R-ADV C5250/5255, i R-ADV C7055/7065, i R-ADV C7260/7270, i R-ADV C7280, i R-ADV C9060/9070, i R-ADV C9065/9075, i R-ADV C9270/9280, i R C1225, i R C1325/1335, i R C2380/2550, i R C2580, i R C2880/C3380, i R C3080/3480/3580, i R C3180, i R C4080/C4580, i R C5180, i R C5185, i R C5870, i R C5880/C6880, i R C6870, LBP251, LBP252, LBP253, LBP3360, LBP3370, LBP3460, LBP351/352, LBP5360, LBP5960, LBP5970/5975, LBP6680/3480, LBP6750/3560, LBP6780/3580, LBP7680C/5280, LBP7750C/5460, LBP7780C/5480, LBP8750, LBP8780, MF210 Series, MF220 Series, MF4010 Series, MF410 Series, MF4400w Series, MF510 Series, MF620C Series, MF7100 Series, MF720C Series, MF810/820 Canon distributes a UK and US version of its driver (V320 on ), which is downloaded as a tarball (gz) file after agreeing to the license conditions.

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It is claimed to be faster than either the Post Script or PCL drivers and is associated with Canon printers.

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Pstoufr2cpca is a filter program which converts Post Script data to the Canon UFR II printer command stream.

Canon imagerunner c5180 manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

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