Honey bee king 3 manual

ESky 2.4GHz Transmitter ET6i HBK3 Honey Bee -

Transmitter switches and servo wires should all be set up this way. If you are a beginner, leaving the flybar wehts at the outer position will dampen the controls and make the helicopter easier to fly.

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The servos are screwed to the frame for solid response. Watch this video again to make sure your helicopter sounds liek this one.

A Practical <em>Manual</em> of Beekeeping - ResearchGate

How to set Main rotor blade pitch n speed on Honey bee king 3

The swashplate has a metal ball for reduced wear and precise control.

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If this is the case, loosen where needed, making sure thread lock is re-applied to secure the metal to metal bolts and screws.

Honey bee king 3 manual:

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