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As an example of software desn, however, it's the polar opposite.

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(And even worse, some use it as example of why all mobility is crap. ) But you know, the phone is just so freakin' widespread, complaining about how bad it is almost a part of popular culture - I've heard people share misery stories about the phone the way others repeat episodes of Seinfeld.

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Everyone - and I mean everyone - asks me what I think of the phone before they buy it, nore my warnings about how user-hostile the UI is, and then proceed to complain to me afterwards about how sucky the phone is and how it does this or that badly.

Samsung Cell Phone Manual

It has a lht, sleek desn which is completely unnoticable in your pocket, yet still comfortable in your hand. As an example of hardware desn, it's a gem - up there with the i Pod, Palm V, and Canon ELF.

Motorazor cell phone manual:

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