Potterton prima f boiler user manual

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This time she just hums (fan presumably) but no pilot lht nor fire-up occurs!

Potterton Range - My Local Gas Man

I just turned the programmer to "off" the other day as it was hot and I didn't want it kicking in come the morning! The reset button, I beleive will only go in with a click when it has previously popped out.

<strong>Potterton</strong> Range - My Local Gas Man

Potterton Prima F Service Manual

Gas, power, demand and water is there (at least I'm sure that water is there because the pump in the airing cupboard sounds like it's pumping water) and, in fact I never shut the system down...

Potterton User Manual

I have a Potterton Profile boiler situated in my garage which provides heat for my CH and HW (Gravity fed).

Potterton prima f boiler user manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 88 Rates