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I've tried the manual reset button but that hasn't had any effect although it doesn't seem to have a satisfying click to the button when pushed... When the fan has run for a few seconds the APS should flick over to start the rest of the nition switch. When I took off the front cover off, the fan show no life at all. I had a problem with my Potterton Profile, the fan would kick in, it would click, then just after the point it would normally lht, the fan would go off, it would wait a couple of seconds, then repeat until it was turned off.


I just turned the programmer to "off" the other day as it was hot and I didn't want it kicking in come the morning! The reset button, I beleive will only go in with a click when it has previously popped out.

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I have a Potterton Profile boiler situated in my garage which provides heat for my CH and HW (Gravity fed).

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I have tinkered many times with my CH/HW system adding and replacing parts etc and have always managed to get her fired up with no hassles.

Potterton prima f boiler user manual:

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