Roland cube 80 user manual


2 inputs, normal and gain OD, 3 EQ and a master vol.

User manual ROLAND E-80 - French

For input over drive is also found better there's no doubt but good. it is more a super powerful speaker, I am even served back stage! " Its neutral, therefore, ideal as a small amp travel and jazz! Quickly put in the trunk of the car without ing your back.

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I always serve it with pleasure is to connect a gypsy guitar with a touch cell, an archtop or so mostly I use it as a cabin with the power amp and just portard volume master and I swear it serious dispatch!! yes we can easier it dates to about 1970 and it's solid.

User manual ROLAND CUBE-30 - Download your ROLAND CUBE-30 user.

It makes me feel funny to see a review on this kind of oldie but it turns out that I have the 40w versions.

Roland cube 80 user manual:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates