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Compilation of various bits of information, some unedited, in chronological order, including 2008 Auto Express comparative tests. On 30-3-1998, Hh Court Judge Lord Justice Brown threw a claim out of court by the Police against a motorist who was caught using a Radar Detector.

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However, Radar and Laser Detectors are illegal in France and Spain and most of Europe and their use may result not only in their confiscation and destruction but also confiscation of the user's car.

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The Police claimed that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, the motorist was illegally using the device.

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To over-rule this judgement, the Road Safety Act 2006 specifiy bans the use of radar and laser detectors, but as of , no commencement date had been given for this to come into effect.

Snooper indago user manual:

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