Air force manual 1 1 1992

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The ultimate goal of this paper is to advance discussion and understanding of space and space systems.

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The purpose in comparing the air and space environments is to help Air Force users of space systems and those making decisions on space systems to avoid the mistake, common even among space advocates, of merely replacing 'air' with 'aerospace' in discussions of doctrine, requirements, and operations.


The source of basic doctrine fundamental characteristics of airpower

Air Force policy is that 'space is a place' not a mission, and second, that air and space (aerospace) constitute a single environment. The creation of the Air Force Space Command translated this policy into Air Force organization. The second policy from above is more an issue of physics than politics and is, therefore, amenable to objective discussion and is discussed.


The recently published 1992 edition of the Air Force Manual 1-1, Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the U. Rationale in AFM 1-1 for treating air and space as a single environment is analyzed and the nature of the air and space environments are further examined through the lens of characteristics of air power.

Air force manual 1 1 1992:

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