Canon pixma pro 9500 ii manual

Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II driver & Software

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Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mk II review - Northt

The Pixma Pro-10 pment inkjet printer falls squarely in the middle of Canon’s professional printer offering, strengthening what appears to be a sustained challenge to Epson's dominance in the fine art desktop printer market.

<strong>Canon</strong> <strong>PIXMA</strong> Pro9500 Mark II driver & Software

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In our earlier in-depth review of the Pixma Pro-1 we found Canon's flagship desktop model to be very impressive performer that stands up quite well against the rival Epson 3880, although at a list price of $999, it is also the most expensive desktop A3 inkjet printer on the market.

Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Pro9500 Mark II 2 Service

The question then is whether the Pro-10 can deliver results on the order of what we saw with the Pro-1.

Canon pixma pro 9500 ii manual:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates