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D12-100 box does not have an hdmi port what it does have is a problem the snal level coming out of the box is to hh install a 4 way splitter between the box and the tv line out of the box to the in of the splitter any port out of the splitter to the tv the problem you are having is ed ghosting Hi - Yes, it can be done without additional Direc TV boxes and installation fees. Please reply to me with the information and I'll work out the best way to do it. But first let me explain you something about hooking up equipment to TV.

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You will probably need a 'splitter' of some description for this, but I need to know a little bit more about your system before I can suggest the best way to connect and any additional equipment you may need. Several years ago it was very common practice to hook up cable box to the VCR/DVD combo and into TV. It is easy for installer and only 1 cable is running tovwards TV.

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Question 3, is the essential question which will determine whether you need additional equipment and, if so, what.

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Today's TV sets have several inputs and able to get direct unmolested snal from several sources such a DVD player, Satellite receiver etc.

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