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But the section that deals most closely with extramarital relationships was expanded to include details on specific definitions relating to sexual conduct.

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Such acts include but are not limited to child sexual , including of the vulnerable.

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The current wording on that section states that members can be disciplined for “violation of the seventh commandment of the law of God as it relates to the marriage institution, the Christian home and biblical standards of moral conduct.”The Church Manual revision committee proposed to replace that statement with the following: “Violation of the commandment of the law of God, which reads, ‘You shall not commit adultery’ (Ex. ), as it relates to the marriage institution and the Christian home, biblical standards of moral conduct, and any act of sexual intimacy outside of a marriage relationship and/or non‑consensual acts of sexual conduct within a marriage whether those acts are legal or illegal.

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Here he presents suggested revisions of the manual to delegates of Annual Council on Monday, October 13.

Every woman matters manual:

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