Manually remove citrix client

Uninstall Citrix Receiver on Windows 10 - YouTube

You just navate to your setup files to where is located and run the following.

VBScript to Uninstall Citrix Clients - Gregory Strike

Forcing an uninstall should always be a last resort though.

Uninstall <i>Citrix</i> Receiver on Windows 10 - YouTube

How To Remove Citrix Receiver On Mac? - YouTube

If you ever wanted to force an uninstall of Xen App or Presentation Server, you can do it with just one command.

Uninstalling the Citrix Receiver - YouTube

Open regedit to edit your registry and navate to: Now find the key with the Display Name of Citrix Presentation Server or Xen App, here is a screenshot from a Presentation Server 4.5 box for example: Rht on the key and copy the key name: Paste it into Notepad.

Manually remove citrix client:

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