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You will need to execute a number of steps to do this: 1 - obtain a copy of the latest firmware from Search Result BIN) into the root of the USB drive - Safely remove the drive - Power on the yp-t9 and allow it to re-install the firmware If you want to restore Bluetooth functionality you will also need to perform the following steps: 4 - pop the four rubber plugs out of the back of the unit - with a small phillips screwdriver remove the four screws - insert your fingernail into the seam of the unit on both sides and pop off the back - gently (slowly) remove the battery taking care not to place any strain on the connecting wires - copy dowm the 12-dit number on the label under the battery (starts 0016xxx...) - replace battery, back, screws and plugs.


TXT 6 - connect the yp-t9 and open it using Rht click on Start and Explore - find the yp-t9 and drag a copy of BT_MAC_ADDR.

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TXT into the SYSTEM folder - Safely remove - power on normally.

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Hope this helps Chris plug it into your usb port on the to 'start' 'my computer' click on the new drive it shows, which will be the mp3open the mp3 player files, click on video , files, music, or whaterver it is you want to delete.

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