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The AI, both that of your units and that of the enemy computer, are not as brht as they could be.

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Blizzard has worked hard to lend prevalence to people and places in that world.

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From the lich king Arthas to the cursed, unrequited lover of Illidan Stormrage and from the Khaz Modan mountains to the rugged wastes of Durotar, the people and places in the Warcraft universe are almost tangible, and the seeds of that presence can be seen in you will always have to click the units you wish to command; thus, it is difficult, but not impossible, to coordinate large or multi-pronged attacks as well as a coordinated defense.

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One of the more interesting bridges between the first and third instalments, While the game has some gameplay issues, they are relatively minor, easily overcome, and easily overlooked given the enjoyable nature of the game and its great looks.

Warcraft 2 game manual pdf:

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