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Answered 2 months ago @F_O_R Thanks so [email protected] It was a chain of cars and unfortunately I was the last one in the chain, so it's gonna be ruled my fault as far as the girl I hit in the back end. We have a 96 Mazda Miata but my husband doesn't want to sell it. Plus it's a manual transmission so that makes it harder for me to drive as well.

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What other years of hhr's has interchangeable parts with the 2007 please?? answered 2 months ago I would look for a car that is the same year and model.

What type of guides does Motor <em>Interchange</em> offer?

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So since I only have liability, my car is just SOL. Hoping and praying that we can find all the parts used.

What type of guides does Motor Interchange offer?

If you can't find one like that then carefully examine the donor car to see if the parts you need are the same as your other car. I'm handicapped and getting in and out of that car is painful to say the least.

Chevy parts interchange manual:

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