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On boot, the BIOS warned us that the preferred confuration is to fill all 4 additional slots but allowed the system to boot.


I don't actually know if it's able to go quad on your 4x2GB and go slower on the remaining 2x2GB but I suspect it can't use different access methods and it'll use the slower mode on the whole memory range.

<strong>DELL</strong> <strong>POWEREDGE</strong> <strong>1950</strong> <strong>III</strong> SERVER

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On many server chipsets softwares like meest86 will be able to detect and report the exact memory access mode and effective speed - you could probably use that to compare how the memory subsystem performs with and without the additional 2x2GB.

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We need a bit more memory so added an extra 2 x 2GB.

Dell poweredge 1950 iii manual:

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