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I'm kind of confused as to why so many people have needed replacement parts. The tube does get really warm but it doesn't effect the cooling. Not a lot of humidity here so maybe that's why we don't get too much water. I'm a lht sleeper and I can sleep easily with it on. It's one of the quietest I've heard it a long time.

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can also buy it if you live in Europe from a store in the UK but when you try to register it doesn't give the option for the USA so that tells me they don't ship here. I'm thinking of taking the old pump to an aquarium store and find something similiar I got this unit from a friend who said it worked well. I should at least get some money back shouldnt I or should I say we?

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I'd recommend it to anyone and when it does go out I'd plan to buy the same one. We live in a log home that has scarce windows and the windows we do have are not very compatible with window AC's...

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Running the hose through the window works out perfect for us. cools room no problem, Very cold air, dependable and reliable, I run a hose directly out the back for never fill bucket , that way it will always dispense water from the hose Product worked great and created enough white noise so that I could sleep through the day and not have every little noise wake me up.

Everstar portable air conditioner 10000 btu manual:

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