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Many publications and programs are available to owners to assist them in harvesting operations, be it an owner/operator, small volume/small scale operation or contracting an operator for a full-scale operation. It takes time and preparation to research , ensure access, interview loggers and log buyers, develop a written contract and understand the tax implications – all the while meeting individual goals and objectives. A comprehensive listing of videos, publications and programs desned to meet the myriad goals and objectives of woodland owners throughout the state can make the somewhat esoteric task of conducting a timber sale a “walk-in-the-park.” 1.

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Oregon remains the leading state in the nation for timber harvesting and lumber production.

Amazon <i>Money</i> <i>Manual</i>. Best Guide on How To Sell on Amazon - YouTube

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A timber sale is the culmination of many years of forest management and the most snificant opportunity for a return on forestry investments.

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While a majority of the timber volumes orinates from industrial forestry, small woodland owners also play a snificant role in the supply of material to Oregon’s mills.

Money making plan selling manual:

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