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There were several improvements and refinements in terms of gameplay and a lot of side missions were added that made MGS2 an appealing package but the fact remains that it was not much different from its predecessor gameplay wise(and in all fairness it had no need to be after all that is what sequels are, more of the same).

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Dark Mirror is a great combination of the action shooter and stealth genres.

<strong>Syphon</strong> <strong>Filter</strong> - <strong>Dark</strong> <strong>Mirror</strong> UpSyPSP ROM / ISO

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So it should not be held against the developers if they decide to take the safer path. It was more of the same experience that the gamers had been accustomed to in MGS:1.

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In this game, it'll take more than a hail of bullets to finish.

Syphon filter dark mirror psp manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 99 Rates