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(The magazine's title derives from its being a "postscript" to cal manuals and other published maintenance guidance.) The Army had experienced some degree of acceptance and success during WWII with the instructional publication Army Motors, for which Corporal Will Eisner, an established comic-book writer-artist-editor, had been appropriated to draw such characters as Beetle Bailey-like Private Joe Dope, Lauren Ba look-alike and "by the book" Corporal Connie Rodd, and Master Sergeant Half-Mast Mc Canick.

US Army Operators Manual for M16 and M16A Rifles - usCrow

On this CD you will have 17 different maintenance and repair manuals giving you every detail you will ever need to take care and repair this weapon.

US <em>Army</em> Operators <em>Manual</em> for <em>M16</em> and <em>M16A</em> Rifles - usCrow

M16 Rifle Maintenance "Rifle M16A1 Field Expedients" pt1-2 1968 US.

Plus the History and Evolution of the Ar-15 Rifle, Cleaning and Lubricating the AR-15 & M16 and details on all Colt, Armalite, Bushmaster, Hesse Arms & Pre and Post Ban variants.

M-16 Rifle M16 Training Film Rifle XM16E1 Operation & Cycle of.

PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monty is series of United States Army cal bulletins published since June 1951 as a monty magazine with comic book-style art to illustrate proper preventive maintenance methods.

Us army m16 technical manual:

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