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So I go to my Yamaha dealer, and sure enough they have Yamalube semi-synthetic oil for four-stroke snowmobiles that is SAE 0W-30, but the dealer also has some Yamalube full-synthetic snowmobile oil, but is SAE 0W-40 weht.

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I love the sled, but my question is about the recommended oil for the engine.

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I checked with Yamaha’s lubricant specialist on this one to be very certain, and he confirmed that the full-synthetic 0W-40 can indeed be used in any of Yamaha’s four-stroke snowmobiles. While the semi-synthetic 0W-30 is a very good oil, as you pointed out it has a cold pumpability specification down to -40 F.

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In the owner’s manual it very clearly states to “use only the recommended oil” which is specified as “Yamalube SAE 0W-30”.

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