Yamaha pss-480 service manual

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Each half can use only it's own dedicated ROMs, so the polyphony usualy is 6voices for percussion and 6voices for base. Small serial ROM in DIP-8, used in music data cartridges for TYU-30. If I will someday get my hands on a TYU-30 with cartridge(s), I will read them out and post data and format there.

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This table is for a rather comprehensive reference of what can be found in most of yamaha synthesizers - so it's easier to find some documentation on similar innards for an instrument, that has otherwise no documentation avalable.

My first dital synthesizer - a <i>Yamaha</i> <i>PSS-480</i>.

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This reference table also allows to quite precisely assess the character and quality of the sound for a particular keyboard, by knowing the sound of other similar ones.

My first dital synthesizer - a Yamaha PSS-480.

This mht allow to make an improvised MIDI interface cartridge, with access to all song multitimbrality features. Programs are only 32cycles long, and generaly all rooms and halls use 9 delays with most using two taps.

Yamaha pss-480 service manual:

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