1982 yamaha maxim 750 owners manual

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It seems like there is alot of knowledge on here and I hope I can find some knowledge that can help with my problem. When it dies it just shuts off, all lhts still on, it turns over fine, it may fire rht back up or it may not.

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It definitely wouldn't have lhts still on at full brhtness and wouldn't turn over just fine.

Purchase <i>1982</i> <i>Yamaha</i> 14pg vintage brochure Seca <i>Maxim</i> Vision Virago.

Purchase 1982 Yamaha 14pg vintage brochure Seca Maxim Vision Virago.

Does anyone know if you can test a rectifier or not and if so how. Thanks in advance, Sean If I remember correctly, the rectifier takes the voltage generated by the alternator and sends it through the voltage regulator to the battery.

YAMAHA MAXIM 750 CC, 1982, #91 - YouTube

My suggestion would be to go through every electrical connection on the bike and make sure it's clean and making a good connection.

1982 yamaha maxim 750 owners manual:

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