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So I looked in the area they were sitting and found it but I was a little upset because it wasn't a distinct low tone like the manual says for gold and copper.

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I read the manual to get an idea of the settings but I'm having some issues with it.

<strong>Bounty</strong> <strong>Hunter</strong> <strong>Tracker</strong> IV <strong>Metal</strong> <strong>Detector</strong> Review & Guide

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If you own a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector, or have previously then please if you would be kind enough leave a review in the comment box and we will be sure to feature it on this page. A 31 yr old from Lincolnshire & proud father of 3 beautiful children.

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I take it to the beach quite often and find coins and some silver rings very easily but I recently took it to the beach and had someone ask me if I could help them find a gold ring they lost.

Bounty hunter tracker 4 metal detector manual:

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