Cleaning manual for physical therapy equipment

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3) In cases where patients are barefoot in their use of equipment, the equipment must be cleaned after that patient is finished with exercise (see MPT-06).

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Rehabilitation equipment is a necessary component of the process of physical therapy, effectively improving the time it takes for a person to return to normal physical activity.

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We offer a large selection of equipment for a variety of rehabilitation methods.

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All exercise equipment, lht switches, door handles, computer keyboards and treatment tables will be cleaned with wet task wipes (PDI Super Sani-Cloth) each week as per flow sheet in volunteer area, and additionally when needed.1) Weekly or more frequently if indicated, the student volunteer or a staff person will clean all treatment tables, all exercise equipment, floor mats, door handles and lht switches and computer keyboards in treatment rooms and gym area.

Cleaning manual for physical therapy equipment:

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