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Insert your fingers between the display bezel and the LCD panel and carefully separate the bezel from the display.

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These screws are marked with a letter K stamped on the base. Three screws on the left side and two screws on the rht side. Be careful, it is attached to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. The able had been disconnected from the motherboard. Carefully disconnect the video cable from the motherboard by the yellow belt on the connector. Keep separating the bezel from the display with your fingers until you can remove it.

<strong>Dell</strong> <strong>Latitude</strong> <strong>D600</strong> Specs - CNET

Replacing broken hinges on Dell Latitude C640 C540 Inside my.

I’m not sure if you can use same hinges for both models but the following removal and replacement instructions should be the same for both.

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In the following guide I will explain how to replace broken display hinges on Dell Latitude C640 and Latitude C540 series laptops.

Dell latitude d600 parts manual:

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