Manual transmission oil differences

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Synthetic Fluids — A number of manufacturers have begun to discontinue the use of organiy-based fluids, in favor of synthetic fluids.

Differences Between Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluid

Based on knowledge stemming from more than 45 years of partnership with F specialists, ELF manual transmission fluids are in addition desned by specific research engineers in the Solaize research centre.

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Transmission Fluid vs Gear Oil

Preliminary tests have shown that most synthetics have similar friction modification characteristics to Dexron III/Mercon, but with improved resistance to heat, cold, oxidation and sheer. Synthetic oils are one reason why many manufacturers are also beginning to eliminate the transmission dipstick.

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Based on the results of specific tools and benchtests, our manual transmission fluids are desned to fit your vehicle needs and your expectations.

Manual transmission oil differences:

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