Pentax spot meter manual

James's Lht Meter Collection Honeywell Pentax 3/21 Spot Meter

Spot metering is the best way to isolate a small part of your image without any extraneous elements getting in the way of the metering.

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It became clear that I didn't really know how to use spot metering.

James's Lht <em>Meter</em> Collection Honeywell <em>Pentax</em> 3/21 <em>Spot</em> <em>Meter</em>

Exposure - How do I use spot metering? - Photography Stack.

Learn the zones (see link); then find something in your image that you want to assn to a particular zone.

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There's a question about when to use spot metering, but none that serves as a tutorial to describe to use it. I am under the impression that spot metering is hard to use in aperture priority because you can't (to my knowledge) over/under expose an image in these modes since the camera will adjust other variables to get the proper exposure.

Pentax spot meter manual:

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