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Nikon D610

The only reason to pay more for the D750 is because the D610's autofocus system doesn't work very well in lht so dim that it's hard to read printed text, but so long as you're not trying to take pictures in pitch black darkness, the D610 is all anyone would ever need; it's a top-shelf camera at a bottom-barrel giveaway price.

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If you don't use these links, I receive nothing for my efforts in sharing all this information for free. LEICA M240, LEICA M9, Fuji X100S and Nikon D600 Image Quality Comparison Back, Nikon D610. It's a minor update to the Nikon D600, which at the time was Nikon's best dital camera ever.

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Nikon D610 Review - Ken Rockwell

The Nikon D610 is Nikon's least expensive full-frame DSLR, and it's fantastic.

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Nikon D610 (30.0 oz./851 g with battery and card) and 50mm f/1.4 G. This free website's bgest source of support is when you use these links, especially this link to the body at Adorama, the kit with 24-85mm VR at Adorama (all the versions and accessories at Adorama), or this link to them at Amazon or body-only at B&H, when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. May 2016 More Nikon Reviews Nikon Lenses All Reviews Nikon D750. Nikon D810, D800E, D600 and D3 Sharpness Comparison. It sold for $2,000 when it came out in October 2013, and for $1,297 in 2016, it's a steal.

Big button 610 manual:

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