Flytec 4005 vario manual

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You can always see on a display an abbreviation of the function name, which is just adjusted. "V-up" stands for the speed of ascend, "V-dn" stands for the speed of descend, "Alti" stands for the setting of a heht, etc.

Handbuch 4005 E - Flytec CH

Feeding and Consumption The instrument is powered by two AA cells and its electronic circuits can be powered by alkaline cells with a voltage of 1.5V or by charging cells (Ni MH, Ni Cd) as well.

<em>Flytec</em> <em>4005</em> strange sound - YouTube

Flytec 4005 strange sound - YouTube

What is more, a small flat plate (size 6x4cm) on the back side of Flyer will suit (after unscrewing and taking away the velcro) to fix into a paraglider's rack very well.

Test vária - YouTube

Its size is fairly smaller and a leg-holder (velcro) is included inside a package (Brauner AV-Pilot is packed without a leg-holder).

Flytec 4005 vario manual:

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