Hy gain ham iv manual

Repairing a CDE/Hy-Gain/MFJ Rotator

The RC1-P Other control boxes such as the Emotator can be adapted, with the latest in dital rotator control.

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With a graphical display, we are able to show all aspects of the rotator's control with large dits. The RC1-H is the ham M, II, III, IV, and Tailtwister control box.

<strong>Ham</strong> Supply Rotor-EZ for Hy-<strong>Gain</strong> Rotator Control

Ham Supply Rotor-EZ for Hy-Gain Rotator Control

As microprocessors have increased the utility of the amateur radio operators station, we have seen a void in the control of station accessories such as your antenna rotator, remote antenna switch boxes, and dital interface boxes.

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It is a UPGRADE box, in that you must still use the power (24VAC @5A) from your old control box, or supply your own AC power supply.

Hy gain ham iv manual:

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