Introduction to chemistry lab manual

Laboratory Manual

I love how this set helped to complete the Chemistry Equipment Kit that I bought.

Introduction to Chemistry Kit - Home Science Tools

I also bought the basic chemistry lab equipment set it was perfect to get started, did find out I will need to get a few more things for the future labs.

CHEM 103 <i>Lab</i> › <i>Introduction</i> to <i>chemistry</i> <i>lab</i>

Introduction to General Chemistry I Laboratory -

I am so glad I got this my students enjoyed doing some of the experiments in it and we will be doing more another day.

CHEM 103 LabIntroduction to chemistry lab

I got this kit along with the matching equipment kit for my homeschooled child. The products are hh quality and the accompanying guide that has all the experiments in it is wonderful.

Introduction to chemistry lab manual:

Rating: 97 / 100

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