Kirby g4 vaccuum manual

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1) Remove the handle, cloth bag assembly and power nozzle from the machine 2) Turn the main unit around so that you are looking at the on/off switch and remove the screw that is rht above the neutral/drive button (not underneath the machine, but on the rear between the on/off button and the N/D button) 3) Remove the smaller screw that holds the cord to the machine (located to the rht, between where the handle plugs into the unit and the on/off switch) This requires the smaller Torx driver.

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4) Insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver into the small open slot in the center of the "scuff plate" (the plastic trim piece) and pry gently upward to remove the plastic piece.

How to replace the carbon brushes in a <strong>kirby</strong> vacuum cleaner. - eBay

How to replace the carbon brushes in a kirby vacuum cleaner. - eBay

Now lift the hood and remove the two long screws at the top of the fan case that were uncovered when you took the top shell off.

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(above the N/D button) 5) Turn the machine around so that you are looking at the fan case (front).

Kirby g4 vaccuum manual:

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